[mythtv] Compression and Gatos support

Lego Andy mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 22 Dec 2002 15:38:13 -0500

Hi All,

I have AIW 8500 DV and ADS channel surfer TV and I want to do things
like record one show and watch another. I got channel surfer to work
fine and I can record shows. Looks great except 3.6G/h is kind of
high. Anyway, I guess I can decrease the quality. 

So, here is a suggestion. After recording a show, during inactivity,
compress the show.

Ok, second thing is, I would like to use AIW to watch tv while
recording using bttv. Since xawtv works fine using aiw, I see no real
reason why this would be impossible. Am I missing something? Also, I
guess I could do PIP with two cards? 

Btw, where are key bindings for Myth?