[mythtv] help?

Bruce Markey mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 21 Dec 2002 22:42:14 -0800

John S Flowers wrote:
> A big difference between the MythTV documentation and what I've put up 
> is that I spent the time building a system and documenting it along the 
> way. I also provide a kernel configuration file and a small patch to 
> ati_remote to get it to work with MythTV. I know it's not much, but I am 
> at least trying to help other people.

The important difference that I see is that you document
selecting hardware, configuring the OS and kernel and make
recommendations beyond the scope of MythTV documentation.
This is certainly useful. If there are things that would
be useful to MythTV users who aren't looking at FreeplayTV,
it may be helpful to get them into the MythTV docs.

> I'm also trying to get DVD reading and writing working. I've made that 
> clear, both on the sight and on this list.
> If Isaac believes I am putting my name on his work, he should say 
> something. So far, everyone has been very helpful and encouraged me with 
> the work I'm doing. I was just trying to help someone out with my post. 
> I didn't mean to upset anyone.

I certainly don't intend to speak for Isaac or anyone else
working on the project. My concern was that someone was
looking for help with myth and it appeared to me he was being
told that he needed to go to another project, under another
name, to get the information he needed. The FreeplayTV document
does mention QT but the MythTV docs include detailed info
for Mandrake and Red Hat. If you feel MythTV docs are lacking,
it would be helpful if you could make contributions to improve

I realize that I tried to make my point more harshly than
necessary and I appreciate the points you make in response.
Please accept my apology.

--  bjm