[mythtv] Linux DVR News

Mike Payson mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 21 Dec 2002 11:39:12 -0800

On Saturday 21 December 2002 02:46 am, Henk Poley wrote:
> > Van: Mike Payson <mpayson@dawgdayz.com>
> >
> > I don't intend this site to compete with anyone. Both of the other sites
> > you mention are MythTV related sites. That is not what linuxdvrnews.com
> > will be.  Instead, this site is intended to do just what it's name says--
> > provide news on the Linux DVR movement. While I do hope to have lots of
> > newbie information, it's not intended to be a newbie site. Instead, think
> > of it as Slashdot, but with a much narrower focus of news on and of
> > interest to the Linux DVR community. There are many projects outside of
> > MythTV, and this is intended to support all of them.
> Oh, sorry, just my crappy English. I was indeed thinking about a "general
> interest in OpenSource PVR/DVR/HTPC" site. But I hope that
> (hardware/software) FAQs and HOWTOs will fit in?
> Off coarse there won't need to be competition, that exactly why I'm
> conserned with this. Most of the time if more than one site discussed the
> same subject there won't be done much, since one likes the feature x better
> on site y. Separating the *market-share* (..cough..) between the sites will
> help in unwantedly pulling users from the other sites.

I see your point, but the flipside of it is that more accessible information 
actually will actually allow more people to get involved in the projects. For 
example, none of the sites you recommend discuss in any depth which projects 
are better & why. Certainly, any such discussion will be biased depending on 
who's participating, still, the information will be out there. 

In addition, I hope that this will be a forum foir the various project 
developers. Why should Freevo's developers have to struggle with the same 
issues that MythTV's developers have already solved? More advanced stories 
such as this are welcome. 

One more advantage is that this will hopefully get some of the recurring 
questions off of the various mailing lists. For example, in broswsing the 
archives, I've found questions about the Matrox Marvel cards on at least 3 
lists, MythTV, Freevo, and v4l2. Putting up hardware reviews & configuration 
notes on a central site will hopefully reduce some of this overhead & allow 
the various mailing lists to focus more exclusively on the actual projects. 

I suspect that the interest in these projects is going to be growing greatly 
as they become more mature. Having a central repository of news & information 
(including FAQs & HOWTOs) will make it much easier for new people to become 
involved, while at the same time simplifying things for the developers.
Mike Payson  |  www.linuxdvrnews.com