[mythtv] MPEG-2 WinTV PVR 250

John S Flowers mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 15:52:02 -0600

Looks like people have the WinTV PVR 250 working with MPEG-2 (onboard) 
support. The card is $149 US and can be found for slightly less using 
online search engines. It has a built-in tuner (125 channels), supports 
stereo sound, comes with a remote and has onboard iTVC15 MPEG encoding.

Here's the forum:

Here's the driver:

Here's a USB page w/info:

Now I'm really interested in getting one of these cards and seeing if I 
can do MPEG-2 native output using hardware acceleration.

(from the web page)
"Linux Drivers for Hauppauge WinTV-PVR 250/350
Here there are iTVC15 Linux Drivers and there some other stuff like.
iTVC15 MPEG Codec Firmware API Refernece Manual (1)PDF
iTVC15 PCI Device Driver Development Refernece for Linux (2)PDF
iTVC15 Player/Recorder (Linux) User's Guide (1)PDF
UPDATE thank to PlasmaJohn he post a HOWTO install the reference 
drivers and
how fix it so that it work with WinTV-PVR 250 and maybe 350 to so check 
out the PVR forum."

As always, the real question is: Has anyone else used this card and 
made it work?

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