[mythtv] Low Profile PCI Cards

Bruce Markey mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 12:51:03 -0800

Charles Choukalos wrote:
> Perhaps I'm missing the boat here... but I think the
> PCI bus should be able to handle 2 HDTV tunners
> streaming to a processor (You probably need a
> significantly faster processor to deal with the data
> though)...

I don't have an HDTV card yet but I believe that they
will be a big win as far as resource usage. The HDTV
signal is already digital and already compressed. It's
the uncompressed data from a tuner card that weighs on
the PCI bus and compression that demands CPU. I expect
that the output from an HDTV card could be streamed to
disk using only <1MB/s of I/O. Once they are supported,
I think you'll be able to use as many HDTV cards as you
have slots without bogging down the system.

--  bjm