[mythtv] Narrowed down my video sync problem

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 13:25:05 -0500

On Friday 20 December 2002 01:10 pm, Richard Bowman wrote:
> I've been messing with the settings of how the bttv module loads for my
> ATI TV Wonder VE and have noticed that MythTV runs when the mode=64 and
> tuner=19, but in this mode, the picture is black and white, and the
> sound does not cut off when TV apps like zapping or xawtv are exited.
> When I use the settings I found on line, mode=3 and tuner=2, the picture
> looks excellent and the sound cuts off properly, but mythtv gives me all
> of the video sync errors in this mode (so does the 'streamer' video
> recording program). Can someone with a working Myth setup and a TV
> Wonder VE give me their entries from modules.conf?

card 64, tuner type 2.