[mythtv] hardware acceleration

Robert Dege mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 20:43:16 -0500 (EST)

I was using decimation=2 which defaulted to 352x240.  I'm not sure what
decimation is, only that level 2 is better than level 1.  At the time of
the CVS, Isaac had an option in the settings.txt file to choose between
decimation 1 or 2, but that no longer appears to be an option in the
current CVS.

I was only trying to get livetv to work.  Due to time constraints I
couldn't do further testing (trying a Promsie UDMA33 controller) to solve
the HD problem.  But I plan on doing that again in the near future since
I'm about to retire my Athlon 700.


> If i may inquire further:
> What resolution were you capturing, and were you doing
> 'live tv' ?
> -tmk
> ================
> I was running the G200-TV with mjpeg support on my
> 400MHz machine.
> System:
> 256MB Ram
> M570 Mobo (400MHz w/66MHz bus)
> SBLive with Alsa Drivers
> G200 w/TVout using Matrox Xfree dirvers
> 9 gig HD pushing 16MB/s
> With this setup I was "just barely" dropping frames.
> But I think this was
> more of a problem with the HD, then the processing
> speed.  I didn't bother
> viewing `top`  cuz I was so happy to just get it
> running.  Both the MOBO &
> HD claimed UDMA 33, but one of them is lying :(
> -Rob
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