[mythtv] Running multiple window managers/dekstops

Bertus mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 13:02:07 -0600

Yep....I know that you can run startx -- :1 ...but I remember that somebody
put script up to do everything at Booting.

I have a 29" HDTV monitor with VGA port so I have "tv" but not really, is
more like PC-Monitor. So the tv-out is not an issue for me.

I just want to have a nice MythTV running full screen on Blackbox, Enlight
or something similar and then to be able to switch to my regular gnome to do
stuff like browsing, chatting or video conferencing, etc. So I would not be
"watching tv" while I use gnome.

As you can see as long as Myth keeps on running in the background
(recording, etc) is fine if it nothing displays.

Thanks for answering!


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> Do you have two video cards or just one? Either way, its nothing
> special. You can run two instances of X without any special scripts
> AFAIK. Just start the second one with like startx -- :1 or somthing like
> that. Although I am not sure how useful this is. How are you going to
> easily switch between CRT and TVout? You do realize that when you
> CTR-ALT-F away from one X session it dosen't diplay anything, right?
> On 19 Dec, Bertus wrote:
> > If my mind it's not failling me (and it is provably doing so   ;-D   ),
> > while back I remember seeing a XF86 script that would allow you to run
> > multiple windowmanagers at the same time. I cannot find it...I've been
> > searching for hours...and I can't....
> >
> > The idea is to run Myth in it's own console, running a light window
> > and to be able to ctrl-alf-F(n) to another console, running a regular
> > with menu bars, etc.
> >
> > Can who ever is using something like that, or knows how to do it, post
> > script/links/comments on about how  acomplish that?
> >
> > Thanks in advance!
> >
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