[mythtv] Converting MythTV Mpeg4 to file?/vcd?

Henk Poley mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 17:34:59 +0100

> Van: Nathan Langley <nathan@viptx.net>
> I was wondering if there is a way to convert my mythtv recorded files to
> a mpeg4 or vcd (mpg) that can be viewed in something else besides
> mythtv.  I currently reicieve errors when I try to load up a file in
> xine or mplayer.

There's a patch for mplayer by Matt Zimmerman, you can get it at:


Scraped some info from other mails:

Stock mplayer can play vanilla NuppelVideo files (such as those produced by
nvrec), which use RTjpeg, but not MythTV files, which contain some
extensions to the NuppelVideo format and can use other codecs.

mplayer can only decode video frames with a 'comptype' of 0. rtjpeg-
encoded files  produces files that have video frames with comptypes of 1
and 2.  mplayer apparently can't decode those frames, and leaves a black or
frozen image.

There was a problem that mplayer would output "duplicate 1 frame(s)!!!" on
the console. The latest (7 dec 2002) patch 'fixes' this, so it will only
moawn once every ~10.000 frames (that's about 6 1/2 minutes).

Isaac, might be nice to put this info somewhere on the website?

AFAIK, converting DivX to DivX could look pretty ugly. *Might* be better if
someone made a prog to spoon out the DivX from the "NuppleVideo" file.
Shouldn't be that difficult, if you know the format.

	Henk Poley <><