[mythtv] Shuttle kit for $300

Henk Poley mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 10:13:54 +0100

> Van: Robert Kulagowski <rkulagowski@thrupoint.net>
> OK, I was just going to post an email that said "Watch out for the
> Celeron because of deinterlace", but after looking something up I see
> that "Celeron II"'s (using the Coppermine PIII core/ 0.18um process)
> at 566Mhz+ now have SSE, which should make it ok for deinterlace.
> This also means that I need to modify the HOWTO - the actual
> differentiator of whether a Celeron is going to work is whether it
> has SSE (aka MMX2) instructions, not that it's a "Celeron".

Yes, pretty much sloppy nameing scheme from Intel to use "Celeron" for all
the 'cheapo' processors they made. There have been Celerons using the PII,
PIII and PIV core.

Basicaly they stripped a lot of L1/L2-cache and some features (like SMP).

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