[mythtv] MSI TV @nywhere & Linux?

Mike Payson mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 22:08:09 -0800

So far, I've been unable to find out whether this card is compatible with 
Linux. Anyone have any ideas? I'm, assuming that no news is bad news, but 
still hopeful.

And if by some chance it is compatible, anyone have any comments on it's 
quality? Any cards that are recommended over it? Supposedly, the 10 bit video 
increases the quality over WinTV & the likes. Plus, it's cheap ($40 refurb) 
to boot.


MSI TV @nywhere, TV Tuner, PVR - Model 8876-010 
Replay TV at own command - TIVO functionalities. 
Time-shift - pause live TV and watch Replay at your own wish. 
SnapStream PVS - Able to watch local TV shows anywhere in the world (via 
Internet/network connection). 
Supports MPEG1, MPEG2, and MPEG4 formats. Schedule Realtime Recording. 
Hardware Features: 
Invincible video quality supported by Silicon Tuner & Conexant CX23880 
audio/video decoder 
Enable to perform excellent adjustable IF output 
Offers global video standards support, including NTSC- M/J, PAL-B/G/D/K/H/I 
Supports 10-bit video AD converter 

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