[mythtv] MythMusic and Windows Media Audio (WMA)

Kevin Bowen mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 16:27:37 -0800

>Not going to happen.  (the xmms stuff, that is).

How come? you just like the idea of myth doing its own internal decoding? or
is there something I'm not forseeing that would make it infeasible?

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On Wednesday 18 December 2002 06:45 pm, Kevin Bowen wrote:
> Well WMA is actually pretty much the worst sounding compressed audio there
> is (quality/size ratio), however I like your basic idea that mythmusic use
> an external player as its backend for audio, rather than doing its own
> decoding. If, for instance, it just sent commands to XMMS, that, I think,
> would be ideal, since it has a simple plugin arhitechture for which there
> are user-installable plugins for pretty much every format playable on
> (yes, even WMA)... that way users who don't know how to code wouldn't have
> to beg someone else to add support for their format of choice, just drop
> a plugin and go. Also, any custom settings tweaks users have (lots of
> people, myself included, can get really anal about getting their EQ
> settings, dithering, gap-removal/crossfading settings just they way they
> want) would be used automatically. XMMS has a plugin to allow it to be
> controlled by, and output status to, named pipes, so it seems like this
> wouldnt be too hard to implement - possibly even within the bounds of my
> very limited programming skills. I was thinking of looking into the code
> and possibly making something like this my first experiment in linux
> programming. We'll see.

Not going to happen.  (the xmms stuff, that is).

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