[mythtv] Delete Recording problem/bug in CVS...

Dan Man mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 17:29:36 -0500

Thanks for the debug info...

When I compile for debugging, I don't get the seg fault under gdb, or
stand alone. Everything works fine.

I can run it like this... Is there anything else look for to help?

Dan Mount

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On Wednesday 18 December 2002 04:35 pm, Dan Man wrote:
> When I try to delete a recording I get a seg fault. Using my limited
> debugging skills (writing text to std out) I found that in
> playbackbox.cpp:
> void PlaybackBox::remove(QListViewItem *lvitem)
> {
>     killPlayer();
> -----It dies right here.
> killPlayer() seems to complete, but it dies before :
> ProgramListItem *pgitem = (ProgramListItem *)lvitem;

Recompile for debugging (edit settings.pro), run it in gdb, and find out
it's really crashing -- it's another thread that's doing the dying, 

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