[mythtv] Best Tuner Card?

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Wed, 18 Dec 2002 12:36:19 +0100

Citerar Henk Poley <hpoley@dds.nl>:

> > Van: Michael D. Cencula <mythtvuser@cencula.com>
> > 
> > FWIW, if you plan to buy a Hauppauge WinTV Radio card,
> > be sure you get the one that comes with the free remote control.
> > 
> > I bought a second model Hauppauge WinTV Radio card (it was a
> > model 401...just like my old card) off eBay recently and found
> > it was somewhat different than the one I already had.  I think the
> > "brand new" card I purchased off eBay was actually older than the
> > one I got at CompUSA a year ago.
> >
> > The driver for the two cards make log entries in /var/log/messages
> > such as shown below.  Notice how one of the cards shows as
> > Bt878 (rev 2) and the other shows as Bt878 (rev 17).  The rev 2 card
> > didn't come with a remote...no big deal, but it was also missing the
> > msp3400 chip which enables the digital audio on this card.  Notice
> > the lines that say "checking for MSP34xx".  On the card that came
> > with the free remote control, it was found.  On the card that didn't
> > come with a free remote it wasnt.  Thus, the btaudio driver
> > will not provide digital audio output. And the analog output sucks.
> Ah! the first thing I can get my grips on tv tuners with digital audio. I'd
> really like such one. What other dig. audio cards are there?
> 	Henk Poley <><
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I got a terracom cinergy 400, which is SAA7134 based. First I couldnt get the 
sound to work with the loopbackcable, but later realised that the SAA7134 
driver actually contained driver for sound aswell. After chaning mythtv to use 
the /dev/dsp that the tv driver made it have been working like a charm and no 
loopback or other fuzz. 

The Cinergy 600 model contains a radio aswell and cost like 70$, the 400 cost 
like 50$. They both contain a remote, but since I have a realmagic remote I 
havent put any effort into trying to get it to work.