[mythtv] FYI: Cheap Stereo TV card with remote

Lonnie Borntreger mythtv-dev@snowman.net
18 Dec 2002 00:09:14 -0600

CompUSA has a Pinnacle "PCTV Pro Internal PCI TV Card" with a remote for
$49.99 after rebate (purchase by 12/18 to qualify).  This is a Stereo
tuner.  It doesn't say how many channels.


They also have "AVerTV Stereo TV Tuner" for $49.99 (regular price). 
This has a 181 channel tuner, but no remote.


I haven't used either of these and don't know what chipset they use, but
thought I would pass the information on.  I will most likely be
purchasing the Pinnacle for my wife's Win2k computer in her office and
craft room, since it will give her PVR software for Windows in the
package - and is cheaper than buying a TV/VCR.