[mythtv] Compile Problem

Jason Starner mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 00:11:16 +0000

I sent this yesterday during when the list went down.  Any help would be 
greatly appreciated - since I've searched the forum and checked out the 
HowTo docs with out any luck.

I'm new to Linux and thus trying to learn exaclty what I'm doing here.
Here's the deal, I'm running Mandrake 9,0 and have followed the instructions 
on the How-To to the "T". I'v even searched the mailing list archives to 
find out some suggestions. But here is the error that I am getting:

[root@localhost mythtv-0.7]# ./configure
Please note that these settings only deal with libavcodec, not MythTV.
Install prefix /usr/local
Source path /root/mythtv-0.7
C compiler gcc
make make
CPU x86
Big Endian no
MMX enabled yes
gprof enabled no
zlib enabled no
a52 support yes
a52 dlopened no
Creating config.mak and config.h
config.h is unchanged
[root@localhost mythtv-0.7]# make
make: *** No rule to make target `usr/lib/qt3/mkspecs/linux-g++/qmake.conf',
needed by `Makefile'. Stop.

First off, I assume that the ./configure is working correctly. Can anyone 
shed some light on this for me? Also I keep getting that No rule to make 
target problem. Now, i've tried running that command a few times and 
uncompressed myth a few times too. I don't know if that has anything to do 
with it or not. But I did follow the HOW-TO when it came to installing the 
components and making sure everything was there with KPacakage. And even ran 
the urpmi libqt3-devel to get that everything was already installed. I also 
edited the mythtv.sh file to set the QTDIR=/usr/lib/qt3 and 
PATH=$PATH:/usr/lib/qt3/bin. And checked to see that qmake was in that 
directory. And it was. Now when I run set, I get the following for my path 
and QTDIR:


What is my problem? (Other than I don't know how to use Linux?). Sorry for 
the long email question too. Just would like to get this straightened out so 
I can start using Mythtv.

Thanks for your help!!!


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