[mythtv] QMake Error on Compile

Nathan Ziarek mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 11:12:05 -0600

Bob -

I went so far as to completely shut down every program and shut down the
machine -- for whatever reason, that file would not execute on opening.

For whatever reason, the QTDIR= took hold (it is in there and I don't
have to retype it each time), but the PATH= isn't sticking.

As I said, I just typed the export command before making and installing,
and it worked...maybe something to add to the troubleshooting section?

Also - I had to install a few things that weren't mentioned in the
How-To, possibly because you already had them...anyway, I also installed
perl-devel and either XFree86-devel or XFree86-libs (I didn't type them
separately, sorry) to get everything to compile, if you want to add
those to the dependency list...

Hope my newbie, error-prone ways can help!