[mythtv] I want a Clear Picture

Brent mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 10:03:25 -0600

I believe the global one (if there is such a thing) is xawtvrc, but the
one that I use is .xawtv in my home directory.  man xawtvrc for the info
on it.  I also have a odd picture in xawtv, the one in mythtv is worse,
but I think that is due to the encoding of the noise.  There has been
some talk that it is a design flaw in the wintv cards and the card that
are laid out similar.  There is a clock chip that is close to the ground
pin on the TV chip and as such causes the picture to have static in it
by corrupting the ground signal.  To fix it you have to re-solder the
ground pin.  I haven't gotten around to doing it though so I cannot say
if it works.  I'll try to find the link that I had and post it.


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> I don't for Chris, but XawTV looks awful too...I have a TV 
> running off of this same line, and all of the channels come 
> in fine...one problem is that XawTV always come up in Europe 
> west...where is the settings file, anyway?
> Any other suggestions welcome
> Nate
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