[mythtv] .nuv filenames and cleanup question

Chris Pinkham mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 00:36:37 -0500 (EST)

Two questions concerning the .nuv files that are generated when I record

I went into the directory today that MythTV is setup to record and I
found 6 files when I knew I only had 4 items recorded (verified by going into
MythTV and by doing a "select * from recorded;" in mysql.  I manually
deleted the two files that shouldn't have been there but was wondering
is there anything (or should there be) in MythTV to check this directory
and cleanup any .nuv files that shouldn't exist.  One file looked like it
was left around during a failed recording (it was only a couple hundred
kilobytes for a 1/2 hour show) and the other was something I recorded
byt it didn't get deleted when I deleted the program in the gui.

My second and shorter question is about the file naming convention of
the .nuv recorded files.  Right now they are in the
chanid_starttime_endtime.nuv format.  If someone does want to go into that
directory and look at the files for any reason they can't easily sort
by time (except to rely on the "ls -t" sorting of the last mod time on the
file).  I know it's a fairly big change (not code-wise) to change it, but
would it make more sense to name the files like starttime_endtime_chanid.nuv?
Conversion from the old format to new could be handled easily by a shell
renaming each file from the old to new format so I guess it's not really
that big of a change.

Thanks again Isaac and everyone else working on MythTV.  I'm loving my
MythTV box even though it's on a slow experimental Athlon 700
right now.  I've got my wife liking it also even though she hasn't been
able to pry the remote out of my hand yet.


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