[mythtv] Stable CVS Version 0.8?

J Flowers mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 15 Dec 2002 19:31:34 -0600

Pardon the question (especially if it's in a FAQ or somewhere), but; is 
there a way to know the branch (or version) of the latest, working, 
stable CVS 0.8.x version of MythTV?

I keep seeing posts where people say, "Oh, that was fixed in CVS." So, 
I'm trying to find a version of MythTV from CVS that compiles cleanly 
and works.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I did check out the latest version (as of today around noon) of MC from 
CVS, but I am having a few compilation problems. I suppose I could fix 
them, but I'm really more looking for the version that everyone else is 
using and happy with.

Thanks in advance.

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