[mythtv] [patch] two channel quick change

Bruce Markey mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 15 Dec 2002 15:39:47 -0800

Alex Krohn wrote:
> True, but there are two behaviors here: wait for an enter key, or change
> immediately after you have enough keys. 
> Right now myth behaves like a lot of tv's/vcr's and waits for an enter key or
> a 3 second delay to change channels, so pressing 1-2-3-4 will take you to
> channel 234, not 123. Personally, I hate that behavior, but if there is
> anybody who wants it, I could rewrite the patch so that it is an option. 

Ya, I hate that behavior too. If I want to go to 33 but hit
333, all the 3s in the world won't fix it ;-). I need to
enter 033. I'd rather have a tuner go immediately to 333 (or
not go to an unavailable channel) then let me re-enter 33.

I should point out that with digital recorders I never watch
live(?) TV or channel surf so I really don't care. However,
I do like your contribution of useful functionality.

--  bjm