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Mike Hicks mythtv-dev@snowman.net
15 Dec 2002 16:22:09 -0600

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On Sun, 2002-12-15 at 10:56, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> It seems that a lot of people have had problems extracting the mplayer pa=
> from the mailing list archives, so I have placed a copy here:
> http://dijkstra.csh.rit.edu:8088/~mdz/mythtv/
> Also, please do not contact me with questions about how to apply the patc=
> Instead, consult the documentation for patch(1), diff(1) or your local gu=

I appreciate the reposting, as I just started playing with MythTV over
the last few days and wasn't subscribed to the list when that was
originally posted (I saw it in the archives, but didn't want to monkey
with mime-decoding it..)

I saw there had been some discussion that the patch might not work well
with rtjpeg .nuv files, as opposed to the mpeg4 .nuv files.  I patched
MPlayer-0.90rc1 (the most recent version available from the MPlayer
website), and attempted to play some files rtjpeg-encoded by MythTV.=20
They don't work very well -- I can get audio, but the video is black
(though one file played a little bit of choppy video for a few seconds
before the image froze).

I'm using the Debian (woody/stable) MythTV packages Matt put together
(made it actually pretty painless to set up a box this weekend --

I'll try to take a look at the patch and see if anything is obvious, but
it's been several months since i actually did any significant coding..

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