[mythtv] EPG / TV overlay problems?

Bruce Markey mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 15 Dec 2002 01:48:15 -0800

David Madsen wrote:
> Well after fighting with the TV-Out on the card as well I decided to return
> the ATI card and go for a Nvidia GeForce. I've got it up and running great
> in the TV room now..  Thanks for the suggestion anyway!

Good choice! And, I didn't have to tell you what I really
think about gatos ;-).

Check out http://sourceforge.net/projects/nv-tv-out/ .
Very useful tool if your card is supported. In fact,
such a useful tool that if you got a GeForce4 MX (which
is not currently supported) you may want to return it
too and get a card that does work with nvtv.

--  bjm