[mythtv] lirc amd mixer settings/aumix

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Sat, 14 Dec 2002 23:07:27 -0800

On Saturday 14 December 2002 11:34, Harondel J. Sibble spake thus:
> Howdy folks, I am looking for a lircrc that would allow me to control ALL
> the
> volume and mixer settings for my sound card (sblive running alsa under
> mdk8.2) including muting and unmuting playback and record of a mixer
> item, ie
> line in and aux in etc.
>  I've come across .lircrc files that allow control of the master volume,
> however, I'd like more fine grained control, does anyone have a working
> config they could send me to play around with?
> This is one of the last items to make my entertainment box complete.


Run "amixer scontrols" for a list of the mixer controls supported. "amixer 
scontents" will show you their current values. The manpage for amixer 
describes in detail how to set values, but briefly:

to increase volume, I'd use something like "amixer sset Master,0 1+"
and "amixer sset Master,0 1-" to lower it. For toggling mute/unmute, putting 
two lines in the same begin/end block of the .lircrc causes them to be sent 
to the program in turn, so:

	prog = irexec
	button = mute
	config = amixer -q sset Master,0 mute
	config = amixer -q sset Master,0 unmute

Some other sIDs supported by amixer on my machine are: PCM,0 (i.e. /dev/dsp) 
Line,0 (i.e. the input from your tuner card), Capture,0 and so on.

  -- C.