[mythtv] Is it possible to install mythtv to a PC without a TV card and use as a "client"

Randy Page mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 20:07:01 -0700

On Friday 13 December 2002 07:50 pm, Colin Panisset wrote:

> Gaah! Why would you want to pipe decoded video across the network? That's
> horribly wasteful of bandwidth! Have the client decode the video.

Hmm.  Yeah, I can see that would would certainly save on bandwidth, but on an 
internal 100 meg lan would it really be an issue (I'm asking here, not trying 
to be a smartass)?  I guess it could certainly become an issue if you had 
many streams playing.  I think the determining factor would be the codec used 
for playback, resolution, framerate, etc. 

> > Course I could be right out to lunch though...... ;-).
> Well, I'm just about right out to beer, so take my $0.02 with a grain of
> salt :)

And after a long day of moving exchange mailboxes from one server to another 
manually, I'm heading out for a few nice pint's of Rickard's Red myself ;-).