[mythtv] Is there a magic resolution for recording ?

Christopher Mind mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 14 Dec 2002 01:25:23 +0000

I am trying to tweak mythtv for my P3 1 Ghz machine.  I am using MPEG4 as 
RTjpeg quality was poor on my system.  I have 700 plus MB memory, an ATI TV 
wonder PCI card, Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, 100 Gig Hd, Nvidia Geforce Ti200 
with TV out running Linux Mandrake 9 via TV out with a resolution of 
640x480. Also using WindowMaker (which seems to work best the irxevent which 
gets confused with KDE) and Creative Infra Remote.

So far I found that 640 x 480 is very very choppy at 1800 data rate or 
400 x 300 with 2000 data rate seems to be ok for recording only.  When I 
attempt to playback a recording at the same time that the machine is 
encoding, the program that is being encoded gets a little choppy.   352 x 
300 seems to be fine but is a tad blurry at 2000 data rate.  Does the cpu 
utilization scale with the resolution or data rate or are there optimal 
resolutions which will always result in less cpu utilization.  I am not even 
aware of what other resolutions are possible.   Also does lowering the mp3 
quality reduce cpu utilization?  I am using Maxquality 2, Minquality 15 and 
3 for quality difference.  Thanks

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