[mythtv] Will WinTV GO (190) work with Redhat?

Nathan Poznick mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 09:18:31 -0600

Thus spake Brian Wente:
> Hi everyone,
> I got my SS50 case, three days ago. Got it put together installed RedHat 8
> and installed and configured MythTV. I got a WinTV card because I was sure
> from the list it would work. But when I run Xvinfo I get no adapters found.
> Which accounts for the dreaded "Xv support not found" error from MythTV.
> Which card can I use?

The WinTV Go card works like a charm for me... Xv not being available is
usually a matter tied to your video card.  What video card are you
using?  Does the X driver you're using for it support Xv?

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