[mythtv] hardware needed to smoothly record a show while watching another

Bruce Markey mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 01:57:55 -0800

Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Thursday 12 December 2002 06:27 pm, Bruce Markey wrote:
>>Decoding at this resolution takes (surprisingly) less than 2%. At
>>the MythTV default setting of 480x480 decoding takes ~17%
>>CPU. I'm guessing the hardware scaling is optimized for
>>352 which matches a standard. Again, clarifications welcome.
> Using 0.7, I assume?  With CVS, cpu usage for playback of larger resolutions 
> should go way down...

CVS but the 17% may be a number from before your checking
a couple weeks ago. I did some tests today and, you're
right, playback while not recording for 640x480 was less
than 10% and 480x480 or less was usually less than 1% user
CPU time.

--  bjm