[mythtv] BTAudio / Alsa on nForce

Thor Johnson mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 12 Dec 2002 23:03:49 -0500

Hrm...  These issues aren't in MythTV, but might keep someone else here from
his head on the wall.  Only one that is relevant to Myth is #3.

I finally got around to trying the BTAudio module on my card (Avermedia
but found quite a few things that were disappointing:
  1.  I could only get the analog portion to work; the Digital one resulted
in no sound
        (Bummer.  Analog is Mono-Only)  It was clean iff I used a 48KHz
sample rate.

  2.  There was a noticeable (~1 second, constant) time delay (video before

  3.  BTAudio is a OSS-Style device - can Myth use it?
      Do you think it would be worthwhile if I try to make a patch that uses
      either the OSS drivers or the ALSA drivers?

Failing that, I looked over at the Alsa project.  Evidently, they have some
(the devel list says they're fixed) with recording on the i810.  Attempting
record line-in on my pc results in a file of 0-samples :(.

But I am getting closer... (now to ask the Alsa list & maybe get a usb audio

-Thor Johnson