[mythtv] Simple player

Neil Trodden mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 12 Dec 2002 23:20:53 +0000

At 14:12 12/12/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>  I turned on DMA and I switched to ext3 for my filesystem. Don't know if
> >> it was the combination or one of the 2 variables...but whatever it was
> >> my replay is as smooth as glass now and no audio problems.
> >>
> >> I am recording with mpeg4 640x480 cpu runs about 54-60%
>I just built an XP2000/512ram/80gig box for $400. I also found I was 
>running 50-60% under Red Hat 8. But I recompiled my kernel for athlon 
>rather than i386 (sheesh) and now I seem to be running more like 40-50% 
>when watching live tv with the default mpeg4 settings. I figure I could 
>slap another tuner in there without a problem.

I've got the same spec machine and found everything to be really smooth 
too. The colour is washed out but I think that is more down to the poor 
quality playstation->s-video lead I'm using (I'm testing using the ps2 as 
an input before I transfer to the satellite box downstairs ;-)

With the satellite box, I can't watch another channel while recording a 
satellite channel but I would like to have a scheduled recording run in the 
background (without display) while watching an earlier recording undisturbed.

I see that as being only 1 encode and 1 decode going on at the same time, 
which is the same as what the machine is currently doing when I'm testing 
the pause/live tv mode.

Does mythtv allow this anyway - the background recording of a show while 
another is being played back from disc?

The box I *hope* will house this may only be a 933 C3 processor which is 
why I'm hoping live tv at 50% cpu would allow what I want to be possible on 
the new box. Maybe there are faster Mini-ITX boards than 933MHz...


Neil Trodden