[mythtv] Direct TV Support

Matt Jones mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 11 Dec 2002 19:57:07 -0800

The controller port you speak of, is it standard serial? I'm assuming your 
talking about the "Low speed data" port on the back of the box.
Thanks, and hopefully this works,
Matt Jones

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It depends on what exactly you're talking about.. The basic structure means 
that you would hook your DirecTV receiver up to the computer in 3 ways:

1) DTV's Video out --> computer's video in (usually video capture card; tv 
2) DTV's audio out (L/R) --> computer's line in (usually on a sound card)
3) DTV's "controller" port --> computer's serial port..

So, with these connections, video and audio flow to the computer, and your 
computer (with myth) can control the DTV receiver.. If your computer doesn't 
have a usable port (i.e., a Hughes HIRD-D0 I once had), then you would have 
to use an IR transmitter with something like LIRC..

You'll need "stuff".. For example, there is a script that we use to download 
our PPV movies, though currently there is no way to order the movies from 
myth.. Also, there is a script to do the Serial controlling, though you can 
make your own if you really want.. All of these things should be in the 

tarek : )

>Hi. I saw in the FAQ's a mention of directv support, but the linked message 
>was a bit vague. Is their support on linux for a direct tv box? or would i 
>have to write a program that emulated a remote and sent IR calls to the 
>box, and a program that did a screen capture and ocr to grab info etc. As 
>of right now, I don't use mythtv (i dont even have a tv card -- im just 
>investigating what i can do w/ it and how much code i'd have to right for 
>my situation to work). If these separate programs (or plugins or whatever) 
>would be needed, I could probably start working on them soon (once I get a 
>tv card, which should be this weekend).
>Oh yea, I was also wondering if their is any type of plugin architecture. 
>I'm wondering about this as I would be interested in passing the string in 
>a subtitle to a translation program for a basic translation of a tv show 
>(and then maybe use festival -- a tts program -- to dub / generate an 
>alternate audio for the show). This is more of a pipe dream than anything, 
>but I though it might be an interesting project to work on.
>Thanks in advance,
>Matt Jones

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