[mythtv] Direct TV Support

Matt Jones mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 11 Dec 2002 17:53:03 -0800

Hi. I saw in the FAQ's a mention of directv support, but the linked message 
was a bit vague. Is their support on linux for a direct tv box? or would i 
have to write a program that emulated a remote and sent IR calls to the box, 
and a program that did a screen capture and ocr to grab info etc. As of 
right now, I don't use mythtv (i dont even have a tv card -- im just 
investigating what i can do w/ it and how much code i'd have to right for my 
situation to work). If these separate programs (or plugins or whatever) 
would be needed, I could probably start working on them soon (once I get a 
tv card, which should be this weekend).

Oh yea, I was also wondering if their is any type of plugin architecture. 
I'm wondering about this as I would be interested in passing the string in a 
subtitle to a translation program for a basic translation of a tv show (and 
then maybe use festival -- a tts program -- to dub / generate an alternate 
audio for the show). This is more of a pipe dream than anything, but I 
though it might be an interesting project to work on.

Thanks in advance,
Matt Jones

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