[mythtv] BTAudio Module

Robert Vollmert mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 7 Dec 2002 19:29:29 +0100


> How do you use this? I have a TV Wonder VE and havn't been able to get
> the sound to work with my onboard sound (testing.waiting for a great
> deal on a decent sound card).but if I could just use the BTAudio, that
> seems it would work better than the line out to line in method.why use
> the duplex nature of the soundcard if you don't have to?
> What needs to be done in order to use and/or enable the bt Audio?

There's some info in Documentation/sounds/oss/btaudio in recent
development kernels. Mostly, insmod btaudio and then use one of the
new /dev/dsp? files. The sound quality is quite bad for me, though.