[mythtv] gcc3.2 + mythTV = trouble...

Chris Liscio mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 9 Dec 2002 10:35:24 -0500

> > It appears there is a "bug" that is popping up when you try to
> run mythTV
> > (cvs, from before Issac's "don't use this" fixes) compiled with debug
> > symbols.  It dies on the first call to sleep(), which on the stack crawl
> > appears to be happening somewhere in libc.  Obviously something
> > non-myth-related.  :)
> I'm running mandrake 9.0 w/gcc 3.2 and mythtv 0.7 w/no problems at all.

Well.  Yeah.  0.7 worked quite fine for me too.  Unfortunately, if I want to
help out in some way by testing/developing, I would like to keep up to date
with the CVS tree. :)

I may continue using gcc 3.2 in the end, but right now I'd be happy to find
out if I can modulate easily between the two compilers (on *any* distro) to
figure out what bugs get caused by gcc3.2, and what issues are actual bugs
that may be important to *this* list.  I can't really provide all that much
help if I keep making shots in the dark assuming all weird bugs are compiler
issues.  :)

Besides, nobody here (and correct me if I'm wrong) really wants to be
chasing down bugs that are caused by a compiler that isn't really considered
100% complete/stable by the majority of the install base out there.  But
that's just my own opinion.  Rest assured that grains of salt are readily
available to accompany all my opinions.  :D