[mythtv] Ray - Questions about your setup

kevin thayer mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 8 Dec 2002 23:11:42 -0800 (PST)

It sounds like I've got a very similar setup to yours
and I'd like to hear about your experiences before I
buy the last few parts I need to make this viable.. 

Basically, i have
Abit BP6 with dual 330 celerons oc'd to 500
Matrox G400
128mb ram

I was planning on buying some kind of mjpeg hardware
card (most likely iomega buz) to do video input and
hardware compression, assuming that my PC is too wimpy
to compress and decompress in software.

I would then use the g400 tv-out as my output device.
Now i see that i can get a g200TV fairly cheaply,
which should do everything I need. The fact that it's
all one package is cool. 

My goal is to have as hi-res as possible without
losing the ability to pause/rewind/etc live tv. I
don't really need a tuner since I have digital cable
and i'll be controlling it from the mythtv box, using
direct out.

Questions I have... (thanks in advance!)
1) MythTV supports hardware MJPEG now, right? 
1a) and works with the G200's hardware also, yes?
2) Does the G200 decode and encode mjpeg at same time
(in hardware)?
2a) If not, can the SMP celeron 500 playback MJPEG
without jitters whilst recording using hardware?
2b) What is the max resolution you can play back MJPEG
in software (idle PC and while recording)
3) Did you get your TV-out working with the better
solution (ie non-framebuffer?)
4) Any comments on controlling external equipment for
recording? ie digital cable box. Tips/problems/etc...
5) How watchable is the software/software record while
playing back? 352x240 sounds bad :)

I'm going to be buying either an iomega buz or a
g200tv it seems, so if anyone else has experience with
a buz, lemme know :)


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