[mythtv] some questions

Bruce Markey mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 08 Dec 2002 19:41:50 -0800

Rick Warner wrote:
> Hello,
> 	I plan to purchase a tv tuner card soon to use myth
 > tv with.

Go to Office Max and get a WinTV model 401 for $29.00. The
box says it has dbx-TV stereo and FM radio. I assume it is
sold cheap because it has older winboze software (but, of
course, we don't care). I assumed that this was the earlier
packaging of the "WinTV FM radio GO" which retails for $59.
However, When I got it home, I was surprised to find that
this had S-Video in as well as coax and composite. It also
has a connector for an internal audio cable. Works just as
well as the newer packaging of the same old chips. I'll buy
these 'til I can't find them any more...

If you don't need S-video, internal audio, or FM and don't
mind mail in rebates, Circuit City has the "WinTV GO" for
39.99 then a $20 rebate.

> I have noticed that many of the cards out there are mono only.
 > Can I use the audio in of my sound card and the rca video in
 > of the tuner card?

So I assume you have a composite source with the yellow
RCA jack and red and white audio jacks. Yes. Put the video
on the tuner card and use a 2 female RCA to male mini phono
jack adapter to plug the audio into line-in of the sound
card. Set line-in as your capture source etc., etc.

--  bjm