[mythtv] Suspend Question!!!

Harondel J. Sibble mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 08 Dec 2002 18:57:14 -0800

On 8 Dec 2002 at 17:04, Andrew De Ponte wrote:

> which is the only other option. I then tested it and had the same problem the
> screen went black after so many mins. If I move the mouse or the keyboard it
> brings back the display. Is this an X thing or a BIOS thing or what please
> help it is highly annoying when watching TV and it just goes black. Thanks!!!
> Oh Ya, I am running red hat 8.0 with the X that it came with!!!

Try "xset -dpms"

That will probably do it, if you want to turn it back on do an "xset +dpms"

I have the same problem again now that I upgraded my nvidia drivers as the 
previous version I had didn't work with dpms at all so for the past 6 months 
I've been using the power switch on the monitor. Since the new drivers I='ve 
had to remember to turn off dpms manually, will likely make a startup script 
with those settings so if I forget, my video will still display.

You might want to do a "man xset" as there are a lot of other cool things you 
can tweak with xset.

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