[mythtv] MythTV PC - Any warnings?

Henk Poley mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 8 Dec 2002 13:35:03 +0100

> Van: Bernard Johnson <bjohnson+sender+e33745@symetrix.com>
> Here is what I'm planning:
> case/mb:  Shuttle SS50G (or equiv AGP bus version for Matrox card below)
>   (built-in audio, video, network, USB (1.0), Firewire)

There are some reviews on the internet that explain what Linux drivers you
need and how to get/install them (on sudhian.com, if I'n not mistaken). Try
google'ing for "SS50 Linux", add "shuttle" and/or "XPC" if there is too
much nonsense in the results. Might save you some troubles.

btw, there are no especialy bad Shuttles, AFAIK. All the onboard stuff is
good/sufficient. Early ones made more noise though.

> memory:  512MB DDR Ram

Faster is better for MythTV. The CLx (3, 2.5, 2) means how much _cycles_ it
takes for the memory module 'to get it'. So DDR266-CL2 is better than
DDR333-CL3 (2/266 < 3/333).

If you can read German I suggest reading PC Intern 4/02 (October/Dezember)
"DDRambus, oder etwas?" (p.35-39). btw, this whole catern sums up most
mainstream PC-technology today, pros and cons, etc.

> harddrive:  TBD - probably WD 180GB 7200 RPM
> cd/dvd drive:  LG GCC-4320B CDRW/DVD combo drive

Searched for DVD/CD-RW combo reviews on the internet, but none of them seem
to hit the "obvious". They don't test error-correction (very well) nor the
noise generated (or at which speed you won't hear the thing anymore).
[note, it's mindboggling, but even today most drives suck at

Most (sporadic) reviews in magazines state "buy seperate devices, this one
sucks in comparison". btw, if you already have a good cd-rw you might
consider burning your CDs at the other machine.

Buying external ones comes more and more to an option, now USB2.0 and
FireWire have arrived into mainstream. But they are more expensive (50-100
EUR/$). Pros and cons are that they are not internal. If your box is
visible it might look ugly to have a seperate drive. On the otherhand, if
you put the box in a closet and just have a DVD drive with cable laying

> processor:  Intel 2.4GHz processor
> wireless keyboard/pointer:  BTC-5090

Haven't looked up the thing, but I myself would go for bluetooth devices.
Don't know about price, etc.

> capture:  either Win-TV GO card (model 190) or Matrox Marvel G400-TV -
> trying both

Be sure the sound is fetched directly from the capture card (in digital
form). That will save you some trouble with line-in humming etc.

> tvout: either G400-TV out or VGA->NTSC scan convertor - trying both
> I know it's processor overkill, but it's going to be doing a whole lot
> more than MythTV :)

You could always underclock it if the heatpipe-fan gets in a hurry during
encoding. But AFAIK the Shuttles can only do 'normal' FSBs (100/133MHz,
AMD: DDR, Intel: quadpumped). But 2400 * 100/133 = 1800, seems a bit,

My Athlon XP2000+ runs at 27 Celcius @ 100MHz and 40-45 Celcius at 133MHz.
Though the fan makes too much noise for my liking.


A few of these things have been said before on this list. As soon as I've
ADSL I'll start looking into building a "nice hardware" list.

	Henk Poley <><