[mythtv] MythTV PC - Any warnings?

Bernard Johnson mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 7 Dec 2002 13:21:24 -0700

Speaking of onboard sound... has anyone had any experience with the C-Media
8738-PCI-6CH/LX chipset?  It is listed as:
5.1 speakers, C3DX positional audio in 6CH speaker mode
HRTF-3D positional audio, Direct Sound 3D and A3D interface

It has linux drivers:

I'm trying to be very careful here because the box I'm looking at is a Small
Form Factor box and only has 2 PCI slots, one of which will contain a
capture card.  So I don't want to end up with a bunch of hardware onboard
that is useless and run out of slots.  The box is the Shuttle SS50, which
can be had for about $200.

For those interested, I've started buying *some* hardware, as I see it work
the way I want (or hardware I already had).  Here is what I'm planning:

case/mb:  Shuttle SS50G (or equiv AGP bus version for Matrox card below)
  (built-in audio, video, network, USB (1.0), Firewire)
memory:  512MB DDR Ram
harddrive:  TBD - probably WD 180GB 7200 RPM
cd/dvd drive:  LG GCC-4320B CDRW/DVD combo drive
processor:  Intel 2.4GHz processor
wireless keyboard/pointer:  BTC-5090
capture:  either Win-TV GO card (model 190) or Matrox Marvel G400-TV -
trying both
tvout: either G400-TV out or VGA->NTSC scan convertor - trying both

I know it's processor overkill, but it's going to be doing a whole lot more
than MythTV :)

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> On Saturday 07 December 2002 02:22 pm, Jason RIchmond wrote:
> > Athlon xp-2000
> > Biostar M7VIP
> >    AC97 2.2 (6CH) Audio CODEC onboard
> > 256mb Ram (Do I need 512 for it to run smooth?)
> > 120gb WD 7200RPM HDD (ata-100)
> > Geforce4-mx440 w/ tv out (for tv out to big screen)
> > 10/100 lan card
> > Hauppauge WinTV-GO
> >
> >
> > MY specific questions are:
> >   Fast enough processor?
> >   Will sound work?
> >   HDD Fast enough?
> >   Enough ram?
> >   TV-out from the geforce 4 card going to work well?
> Should all work great.  The sound _might_ be a problem, but then, it might
> work perfectly.  Some people have had problems with on-board sound (ie,
> drivers), but my onboard sound works wonderfully.
> Isaac
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