[mythtv] Hardware encoding, software decoding?

Henk Poley mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 7 Dec 2002 07:54:08 +0100

> Van: kevin thayer <nufan_wfk@yahoo.com>
> Is this possible? 
> I'm looking at some inexpensive mjpeg encoders which
> have v4l support and was wondering if this can be made
> to work with MythTV. (iomega buz for example)

The encoder has no support for mjpeg cards, MythTV is OpenSource, so...

There are others who are working (?) at supporting mjpeg cards already

> I'm not sure how the mjpeg software decoders are, but
> usually encoding is the expensive part.. I'd like to
> try to get mythtv running on a p2 dual celeron 330 (or
> overclocked to 500) with playback during recording,
> and hopefully for dvds as well.

2x celeron 330 should be able to do just recording/playback (not both) on
it's own (with 'vanilla' TV-tuner), I guess. PII-500/600 is seen as the
minimum hardware. So you might need to overclock a little (500MHz seems way
to high to me). Most encoder software is massively threaded, but I don't
know about NuppelVideo.

> Buying hardware for this project isn't something i
> want to do since tivo's are so cheap now anyways.

Yes that is a *problem*, but MythTV still has it's "niche market".
Everybody outside America and off coarse people who want to build it their
own and/or want to use it for other purposes too. (gameing -MAME-,
teleconferencing, server, etc.)

	Henk Poley <><