[mythtv] no video with mythtv

Harondel J. Sibble mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 06 Dec 2002 23:00:26 -0800

On 18 Nov 2002 at 6:10, Emil Friis wrote:

> Isaac. Thanks for the help Isaac - I'm planning to write a
> little doc on it that can be included in the existing
> documentation.

Emil, have you put together some words on dual tv cards yet?

I have my two cards in the machine and they both work fine with Xawtv.  
However, in Mythtv I don't seem to get anything when I hit V to bring up the 
PiP window.  I know something is getting written to the ringbuf2.nuv file as 
it has a time/date stamp of earlier today when I was playing with it.

Also wondering on what sound devices to use as both cards go through my 
SBLive!  My AverMedia TVPhone goes in the rear bracket line-in while my ATI 
TV Wonder goes internally to the auxilliary connector.  When running setup, I 
used /dev/dsp for audio for both cards as that seemed most appropriate.  Is 
there a better way of doing thso

I know the TV Wonder has the msp34xx mixer chip that _should_ also give me 
some control over the audio for the card, however I haven't had much luck in 
controlling that interactively. Any suggestions?

>> onboard audio which wasn't that easy - I ended up having to
> patch the kernel because of some issues with devfs and the
> way some of the sound components were loaded. Anyway - my
What issues? I suspect that I'm probably experiencing some of the same.

> When recording a show I tried to watch tv and it came up
> with the usual "Watch show being recorded..." etc. How do I
> watch live on one card and record on the other?
Hmm, I am wondering the same thing, what it almost looks like is that one 
card is recording (scheduled) and one card is allowing me to watch tv.... I 
think....  The only reason I say that, is that even though a recording is 
underway, I don't always get the message about "recording in progress, 
cancel, switch to it etc). 

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