[mythtv] Simple player

Harondel J. Sibble mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 06 Dec 2002 16:22:47 -0800

On 6 Dec 2002 at 18:42, Mark Musone wrote:

> If I'm not mistaken, the files are in nuppel video format. a bunch of
> players can play them (check out the
> nupplevideo site) but most importantly, mplayer can play nupplevideo
> format (I havent myself tested it,
> and I'm not in linux right now, but it's simple to try it)


On Sunday 10 November 2002 10:14 pm, Harondel J. Sibble wrote:
> On 10 Nov 2002 at 21:40, tarek Lubani wrote:
> > Why can't I just play the videos from my media player?
> > My guess is that I lack the codec.. How do I get the codec?
> I suspect you'll have to convert the nuv file to something more useful
> first.I had a read at the nupplevideo website and it said the mplayer
> supported the nupplevideo files, but no joy playing them so far. Mind you,
> I am using rtjpeg which I haven't previously seens elsewhere. Might work
> out better if you are using mpeg4 which I'm certain mplayer supports.

The format used in mythtv isn't exactly nuppelvideo anymore, so any existing 
nuppelvideo loaders would have to be modified to support things.

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