[mythtv] Simple player

Mark Musone mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 6 Dec 2002 18:42:29 -0500

If I'm not mistaken, the files are in nuppel video format. a bunch of
players can play them (check out the
nupplevideo site) but most importantly, mplayer can play nupplevideo
format (I havent myself tested it,
and I'm not in linux right now, but it's simple to try it)

mplayer can also handle converting and transcoding between different
formats. So, in a nutshell,
mplayer should be able to play it and also convert it to different


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Who is working on the conversion to external formats?

How is it going?  Can I help or should I start my own conversion code?

Will ANY existing player play these files?  The original Nuppel video
stuff even?

How hard is it to play these files from a command line (without going
thru mythfrontend)?  Is it even possible without hacking some code?

How hard would it be to hack such code?


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