[mythtv] improving quality of capture/playback

Bertus mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 6 Dec 2002 10:35:58 -0600

I think that HD space is what really matters? I use minimal compression I
think that I'm getting 2Gb per hour, that would seam a lot, but you can get
almost 40h out of an 80GB HD (that's what I have for my Myth). The quality
is awesome...I have an HD TV and It makes 1024x768 (It has PC-VGA
input)...the source is an old Hauppauge WinTV that only makes 320x240....but
the result is just incredible, especially from satellite!  I'm using the
MPeg compression.

Now I'm just going to say the obvious:  The closest you stay to the raw
stream...the better the quality...and to do so is all about processor and HD

My processor is an MAD-XP1800  ;-P  (that now you can get super cheap from

Just my two simplistic cents...


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> So, again, I want to say how impressed I am with mythtv.  Had it working
> in no time recording my favorite show, and nobody popped my blank tape out
> so they could watch Barney :-)
> But now I want more.  My in-laws have a Tivo (and a big screen tv) so I
> have seen the quality of the video.   It seemed as good as regular tv to
> me (or good enough anyway).
> The capture that I get with my Pinnacle pctv pro however, while definitely
> watchable, has obviously gone through compression.  How can I get a
> picture approaching the quality of Tivo?  Is it a hardware limitation or
> software/CPU or both?  Will it cost mucho $$$ to get there or can I just
> tweak some settings and or upgrade CPU?  Perhaps just adjusting screen
> resolutions?
> I have been watching all of the hardware related threads (dxr3, USB
> capture, etc) in hopes of finding the cheap-and-holy grail. Is it out
> there?
> Thanks!
> Larry
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