[mythtv] dxr3 output

Erik Arendse mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 06 Dec 2002 09:38:32 +0100

At 4-12-02 09:49, you wrote:
>Has anyone looked into getting mythtv to use the dxr3 (hw mpeg
>decoding card with an excellent tv-out) for output? Freevo
>(http://freevo.sourceforge.net) does this with a patched sdl library
>(I think) and it actually works great.
>Getting mplayer called to output to dxr3 shouldn't be a problem, but
>what about the gui?

The problem seems to the card only accepts MPEG, so it you want to want to 
put your own images on it you first have to encode them into MPEG. I hope I 
understood it wrong, but this is what I found in the very sparse info on 
the net.

Could be done off course, bit of a bother though, and MPEG would wreak 
visual havoc with static screens where only a small detail is changing 
(think cursor on EPG screens). And you need a bigger CPU again, while you 
paid for the dxr3 to offload it...

I for myself am looking the G400-TV way, but with software decoding to 
support shifting. But my major questions on that are not answered on this 
list, so still more searching to do :-(