[mythtv] should I wait, or should I build now?

Bernard Johnson mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 17:02:16 -0700

I've looked at the SS50 and it looks like a great setup for a standalone
PVR.  What I need to know is about the hardware support under linux.

I assume the generic stuff like the network, usb, firewire, etc. will be
supported easily.... however, what about the video?  X compatible driver
available?  TVOUT support available under linux?  What about the audio?  is
it full duplex and have linux drivers?

I just did a search and found the answer to some of my questions...  More
info is out there than when I first looked.


You might be interested in an essential clone of the SS50 as well:

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> As I was searching for the "perfect" case for my myth box, I found this...
> http://www.interact-tv.com/index.php?Product
> Anyone using a Shuttle case SS50?
> What cases are people using?
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