[mythtv] Record on Demand

Ray mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 21:34:43 -0700

On Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 05:23:42PM -0800, Wes Biggs wrote:
> BTW, Ray, I just got my Marvel G200TV and started building my future 
> Myth system.  Not sure if you are running Debian unstable (Woody) but if 
> you have tips on getting the card working under X (or relevant links) I 
> would be most appreciative.  marvel.sf.net seems to be down at the moment.

That's exactly my setup.  In short:

1.  Get Marvel drivers from marvel.sf.net 
2.  Get Mjpeg tools from mjpeg.sf.net
3.  Read and follow the G450 howto linked from marvel.sf.net
4.  Compile the latest stable kernel with all the matrox_fb stuff & bttv
5.  Install & compile the i2c module source package (may not be necessary)
6.  Make sure X version 4.x is installed and you're using the Matrox driver

At this point everything should be working except probably TV-out.

To get TV-out working (mostly) I did other stuff and I think this is most of
7.  Compiled and install Mplayer from source 
8.  Read the TV Out stuff in the mplayer docs.
9.  Use matroxset to mirror your desktop to the Tv.  If you have a network
you might want to mess with matroxset via telnet so when the screen goes
blank you can still see what you're doing.
10.  Fetch a program called matrox-prog (I don't know where but Google does)
which allows you to adjest the brightness etc on the Maven chip.
11. Make an init script to load all the modules in just the right order on

> For the record I paid $39.99 + $10 shipping for the G200TV (16MB AGP),
> though I could probably have done better on ebay; it's cheap because
> it's discontinued, I guess.

Sounds like we got our cards from the same place.  I'm keeping an eye out on
ebay for a PCI version so I can record 2 channels at once.

If you run into any specific snags feel to email me at the below address.