[mythtv] Record on Demand

Wes Biggs mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 04 Dec 2002 17:23:42 -0800

Ray wrote:
> In addition it would be nice if starting a recording while viewing it would
> result in the whole program being recorded rather than just the part after
> you hit record.  That is, lets say you get 15min into watching a live
> program and then realize you have to take off for a few hours or maybe the
> wife would like to see it when she gets in you could hit record and Myth
> would go back into the ringbuffer and store the beginning as well.

+1, neat idea.

BTW, Ray, I just got my Marvel G200TV and started building my future 
Myth system.  Not sure if you are running Debian unstable (Woody) but if 
you have tips on getting the card working under X (or relevant links) I 
would be most appreciative.  marvel.sf.net seems to be down at the moment.

For the record I paid $39.99 + $10 shipping for the G200TV (16MB AGP), 
though I could probably have done better on ebay; it's cheap because 
it's discontinued, I guess.