[mythtv] security camera??

Mark Musone mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 17:16:02 -0500

that actually might fit in with one of the other things on my list (my
problem is that I've got too
many things on my list!!!)

anyways, it's an ability to issue remote (as in from an external source)
commands to mythtv. 
For example, my phone rings, I want voicemail server to "send a message"
to mythtv
pausing what's playing for 5 seconds, and displaying onscreen the phone
number that called and the caller ID text.

so it'd connect to some socket or whatnot that mythtv is listening to
and say something like:

Pause 5
Overlay "555-1212 Mom's Cell"

so, anyways, I could see this fit in real well cause it'd be a command

PIP Card-2 Video0       

(i.e. pull up a PIP window, showing card 2's video0 input)

Lastly, and I'm not sure if this also fits in, is to have mythtv compile
in as a true lirc client, using the
lirc client libraries. Right now mythtv works through keypress
emulation, which is why people have a problem with
windows managers and keyboard focus. This would solve the problem (for
ir remotes anyways)

I'm bringing this up because lirc clients basically work by connecting
to a socket and listening for commands
essentially equivalent to the above ones (except lirc is generating the
commands based on IR input) however,
lirc comes with a stand alone client application to "stuff" it with
commands from other external sources

Theres sooo much more that this could be good for...popping up email via
showing status, alerts..etc...and because of the simplistic nature of
most of these messages, it makes
sense to have a generic service versus making a whole module for each of
these things..

Just my $.02


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On Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 04:25:39PM -0500, Brian Wente wrote:

> Sorry, if this has been covered, but there isn't a feature to search.
> If I get two video cards or a usb web camera, it would be cool to pull

> up a nanny cam using PIP.
> I found this...
> Motion is a software motion detector. It grabs images from video4linux

> devices and/or from webcams.
> http://motion.technolust.cx/

Assuming you're not using the same v4l device to record things in
mythtv, wouldn't it be better to use this software along with mythtv,
rather than trying to add its functionality to mythtv?  It would just
need to raise and focus a window when it detected motion.

 - mdz
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