[mythtv] mythtv questions

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 14:04:11 -0500

On Wednesday 04 December 2002 11:11 am, Tom Kludy wrote:
> I'm new to mythtv, in fact so new that it is still compiling right now :)
> Anyways I have a couple of questions.  Sorry if these are already answered
> somewhere but I could not find the answer on the mailing list archives:
> 1. I have an SBLive! + Hoontech SB DB III daughtercard, thus I have optical
> audio input & output.  Can I use this to record & playback the AC3 output
> of my DSS receiver?  Will I get 5.1 audio if I do this?  (assuming of
> course that the source has 5.1 audio)

Not with the code as it is.  You'd have to add some different audio record and 
playback functions for things to work properly.

> 2. Is there any work going on to make mythtv work with High Definition
> capture cards?  For instance the MyHD?  I am dying for a HD PVR..  Although
> even if the answer is No I'm still interested in mythtv because it looks
> like it beats my current TiVo feature-wise :)

I don't think there are any HD cards that work in linux yet.